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Travel essentials

Want to know what to bring with you on your trip aboard with your bike? we have compiled a list of all the travel essentials that we believe are vital for you to have a great trip abroad with your bike. We have also made a list of dos and don’ts.



-DO make sure that you have everything you need at least four days before your trip is due to start.

-DO ensure your bike is in perfect working order before packing it in the bike box. The last thing you want is a mechanical going up Alp d’huez.

-DO bring a map or a form of GPS for the area you are riding around incase you get lost.

-DO make sure you bring two large water bottles on every ride with you to make sure you stay hydrated.



-DON’T (if you can help it) bring tubular tyres with you on a training camp in a foreign country, as they are generally a nightmare to try and get replaced/repaired if you end up getting a puncture. Of course you cannot help it if you are travelling to a race so just make sure that you are very careful in the build up to the event.

-DON’T take the puncture repair gas canisters in your bike box or luggage as they are not allowed on the airplane.


Travel essentials for cycling holiday for a week include:

Please note not all of these may be applicable for your trip but have a flick through and you may see something that you have forgotten or missed out on your holiday list.


  • Bike box alan
  • spare inner tubes x 2
  • tyre lever
  • travel pump
  • helmet
  • bike shoes
  • pedals
  • chamois cream
  • phone charger with countries adaptor
  • grease
  • chain lube
  • travel wash
  • sun cream
  • electrolyte tablets
  • cycling socks x3/4
  • bib shorts x2 /3
  • jersey x2/3
  • arm warmers
  • leg warmers
  • lightweight rain mac
  • important tools ( pedal spanner, Alan keys set)
  • spare brake pads
  • 2x water bottle cages
  • 2x water bottles