Terms and Conditions

Section 1 Hire instructions 

1.1) what to bring

1.2) Refundable deposit

1.3) Collection and return of the bike box

1.4) Hand Delivery

1.5) Delivery address

1.6) Bikes that do not usually fit in the bike box

1.1) What to bring- Upon collection or delivery of the bike box please bring/have available 1 form of Photo ID and a £50 refundable deposit. We require the ID for us to photocopy and The refundable deposit is taken in cash.

1.2) Refundable deposit –We take a £50 refundable deposit (this is always taken in cash upon delivery or collection of the bike box). This is held for the duration of your trip.  Once the bike box is returned in good condition the £50 refundable deposit will be returned to the customer in cash.

1.3) Collection and return of the bike box-You may collect and return the bike box within our opening hours from our HQ in Kingston upon Thames KT2 5BW. If you feel that you will not be able to collect or return the bike box within these times please call us on 07870409634 before making your booking and we may be able to help you.

Monday                                          Tuesday                                          Wednesday (midweek double day)
-Evening: 6pm-8:30pm               -Evening: 6pm-8:30pm                -Morning: 11am-1pm      -Evening: 6pm-8:30pm
Thursday                                       Friday                                             Saturday                                                   Sunday
-Evening: 6pm-8:30pm                -Evening: 6pm-8:30pm               -Afternoon: 2:30pm-5:30pm                  -Afternoon: 2:30pm-5:30pm
1.4) Hand Delivery- We offer a hand delivery and pick up service to a selection of areas around Kingston upon thames. When you input your Delivery address into the checkout it will automatically work out whether you are eligible for hand delivery. It will appear below your basket. If you have put in your address and cannot see any option for hand delivery then this means that you do not qualify for hand delivery. If you do not qualify for delivery then you will need to come and collect the bike box from us and then return it when your rental has finished. If the website has allowed hand delivery to a location that we do not deliver to then we hold the right to cancel the order and refund the customer.
1.5) Delivery address-Please make sure that you have supplied the correct address for hand delivery. If the address supplied is incorrect and the member of staff arrives at the wrong location due to the wrong address having been supplied, then Bike Box Rental takes no responsibility for the bike box being undelivered.
1.6) Bikes that do not usually fit in the bike box- All road bikes will fit into our bike boxes for people up to 6ft 3″. If you are taller than this then please contact us before booking a bike box to check if your bike will fit into one of our bike boxes. We will not be held responsible if your bike does not fit into the bike box, If the customer is unable to fit their bike into the box and they contact us within 24 hours of their rental commencing then we will refund the cost of their hire charge (minus any delivery charges if home delivery is chosen).

Section 2 Period of Hire 

2.1) When hire commences

2.2) Lost or stolen

2.3) Your bike

2.4) Return of the bike box

2.1) When hire commences- The period of hire commences when the equipment passes from the owner (Bike Box Rental) to the person hiring the bike box.The period of hire shall continue until possession of the equipment passes back to the owner (Bike Box Rental).When the bike box is in the possession of the customer hiring the bike box, the bike box then becomes their responsibility if anything happens to the box. i.e if it gets lost, stolen or damaged.

2.2) Lost or stolen- If the bike box is lost or stolen whilst in the possession of the person hiring the bike box they will be required to pay a fee of £345 to cover the cost of the lost box.If the bike box gets damaged whilst in the care of the Hirer, they shall pay all costs incurred for the repairs to damaged equipment. The Bike box shall always remain the property of Bike Box Rental.

2.3)Your bicycle- At bike box rental we accept no responsibility for damage incurred to your bicycle whilst it is packed in a bikeboxalan.

2.4) Return of the bike box- If the hirer is unable to return the box on the day they stated they will be charged £7 per day for every day over the stated amount of days (this will be taken from the £50 deposit). The hirer can contact the owner to explain if they have incurred any problems that will stop them from returning the box on the stated day. If the owner thinks it is a valid reason then the charge will be reduced to the standard daily rate of £4.99 per day for every extra day that the box is required.


Section 3 Bike packing service

3.1) About the service

3.2) Bikes we do not pack

3.1)About the service- We offer a bike packing service for the customer. This service is an extra and costs £10. We will pack your bicycle into the bike box that you have hired from us. We will pack the bicycle at our HQ in kingston Upon Thames when the customer picks up the bike box or when we deliver the bike box to the customers address that they have provided us with.

3.2) Bike we do not pack- Due to the varying geometry of Down hill mountain bikes and 29 inch wheel base mountain bikes we unfortunately do not offer a packing service for these. It is very hit and miss whether they will fit into our boxes. If you are unsure whether or not your bike will fit into one of our bike boxes then please contact us before renting a bike box and we will do our best to either help you try and get your bike into a box or offer you advice on what other options you have.


Section 4 Discount codes

4.1) Discount codes

 4.1) Discount codes- We offer different levels of discount codes for our bike box rental service. We offer a discount for signing up to our newsletter and we also offer a special rate for local triathlon and cycling clubs members.